Premier Health Solutions promotes ethical business practices throughout every level of our organization. Our staff members undergo extensive training and have access to resources that support this commitment. It is our job to oversee transactions that involve both financial and emotional investments on the part of members and institutions.

Therefore, it is our goal to make sure everything we do is not just legally compliant, but ethically responsible as well. While we have the industry accreditations and experience to meet your needs, we hold ourselves to even higher standards: We want to exceed every customer’s expectations. To achieve this, we make every effort to maintain a culture of openness and honesty. No detail is too small, and no interaction is excluded from our focus on integrity above all else. When we make a promise, we commit to deliver on it.

To help aide in our efforts to be transparent, Premier Health Solutions, LLC wants to clarify the role we serve as it relates to the end consumer.  We handle the billing and collection of insured premium as well as non-insured benefits on behalf of hundreds of business partners.  We work with these business partners, which include carriers, brokers, insurance agencies and individual insurance agents, to help bring valuable healthcare benefits to those who are looking for affordable healthcare options.  Our name will show up as the billing entity on your credit card or ACH transaction, but please understand: That doesn’t mean we have any direct affiliation or control over the agent or agency who called you, or sold you the product(s) you purchased.  If you believe someone misrepresented a product to you, or violated a law during the selling process, we want to be aware of it so that we can address it and help you seek an equitable and fair resolution.


Reporting Unethical Behavior

We do not condone unethical agent behavior and misrepresentation of any kind. Agents who are found misrepresenting products or using unethical sales practices will not be tolerated and will be terminated if evidence can be supplied.  If you are aware of this type of behavior in any form, we need to know the details surrounding the activity, so we can address this with the agent swiftly and directly.  Please complete the form below, so we can investigate the issue.


Reporting Unethical Agent Behavior

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