Fixed Indemnity Insurance

Fixed indemnity insurance is an additional, or supplemental, insurance product. Members can use it to pay for out-of-pocket expenses their regular insurance doesn’t cover. These plans pay out pre-negotiated cash benefits for certain services directly to members. Whether your members or employees are struggling with a gap in insurance, lost wages, frequent out-of-network travel, or high deductibles, these can help.

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Critical Illness

In the event of an unexpected illness, critical illness insurance can help members or employees protect their family’s ongoing physical and financial health. Here’s how we help at Premier Health Solutions.

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Accident Medical Expense Coverage

Do your members or employees face high deductibles or copays with other plans? Accident medical expense coverage could protect their financial future. These plans pay out pre-negotiated cash benefits for covered services up to a maximum amount.

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Short Term Medical

At Premier Health Solutions, we make health insurance easy. Short term health insurance provides the flexibility to empower today’s entrepreneurs, small business owners, and contractors to pursue their dreams.

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Other Supplemental Insurance

Managing healthcare costs in this climate is a challenge. With flexible options like prescription, vision, dental and term life, Premier Health Solutions offers an approach to offset these costs in an affordable way.

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Value-Added Benefits

Health insurance partnered with cost-saving tools and advocacy create the optimum healthcare solution. That's why Premier Health Solutions researches the leading industry providers for radiology, lab work, patient advocacy, telemedicine and more to provide options to associations and small businesses.

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